Promotional items, Gadgets and Publicity ideas

  • Promotional items for the company image and publicity items.
  • Promotional items of news for events, trade shows and products.
  • Promotional items for events.
  • Publicity ideas and solutions.

Vasta scelta di Gadget Promozionali tutti personalizzabili

Our constants

Continuous selection in the market for innovative products

through participation in the primary trade shows of the international sector, a constant exchange with the producers of various countries and working on a database of promotional items and suppliers to monitor the evolution of the offer:

  • 60% of the products are of Italian manufacturing and design,

  • 40% of the products are manufactured and designed in other countries of the world.

Attention to details, even small ones, with the maximum care

that takes place by directly following the entire product personalization process, from the graphic idea, to the transformation of promotional item.
We use seven different printing techniques:

  • serigraphy
  • pad printing
  • stamping
  • transfer (ideal for textile products)
  • embroidery
  • laser cutting
  • digital adhesive technique
Stampa gadget personalizzati

We handle the sale and of the distribution of promotional items. Our headquarters are in the province of Bologna, where in our large show-room in Crespellano (Bologna) you can see displayed a vast assortment of our promotional items "in person" and get to know the quality of the products that we offer you.