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Ecological and Technological Gadgets Made from Recycled Materials

Ecological Gadgets

Crafted from recycled and biodegradable materials with low environmental impact.

Customized Water Bottles, Aluminum and Thermal Bottles with Logo Print

Customized Water Bottles

Featuring logo prints or laser engravings. Available in Aluminum, Glass, and Thermal options.

Customized Gadgets for Brand Promotion

Innovative promotional items, primarily made in Italy, for high-quality corporate gifts.

Customized Bluetooth Earbuds in Bamboo with Charging Case

Customized Bluetooth Earbuds in Bamboo with Charging Case

Starting from €17

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Waterproof Anti-Theft Backpack with Integrated USB Port

Waterproof Anti-Theft Backpack with Integrated USB Port

Starting from €62

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Thermal Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Blue Color, Customizable with Logo

Thermal Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 500ml

Starting from €6

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Custom Wooden Pot with Plantable Seeds

Custom Wooden Pot with Plantable Seeds

Starting from €3

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Our Brands

For your promotional gadgets, you can trust the world's most renowned brands

BIC Brand Logo
Breil Logo
Parker Logo
Case Logic Logo
Swiss Peak Logo
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Timeless Corporate Gadgets for Failproof Impressions

Customized Shoppers in Paper, Cotton, or Recycled Materials

Customized Shoppers

Crafted from paper, cotton, or recycled materials.

Customizable Cotton Shoppers with Long Handles

An eco-friendly gadget to be reused and showcase Your Brand on the go

Customized Shopper Bags for Fairs with Matching Pen and Handles

Shopper bags for fairs, events, conventions, and business meetings

Paper Shopper Bags with Gusset and Long Handles with Colored Ribbon

Paper bags with logo for shops and commercial activities

Women's Zip-Up Hoodie with Soft Fabric

Women's Zip-Up Hoodie with Hood in Soft Fabric

Starting from 22 €

Choose Size and Color
Men's Short Sleeve Polo 100% Cotton Blue

Men's Short Sleeve Polo with Collar. 100% Cotton

Starting from 19 €

Choose Size
Women's Long Sleeve Polo Without Cuffs

Women's Long Sleeve Polo Without Cuffs with Embroidered Label

Starting from 20 €

Choose Size and Color

Unisex Half-Sleeve Polo in 100% Organic Cotton

Starting from 15 €

Choose Size and Color

Why Choose Us for Your Promotional Gadgets

Over 15 Years of Experience

We have always been researching and selecting unique and design-promotional items to offer our clients gadgets that can effectively communicate and convey the advertising message.

Passion and Attention to Detail

The printing and production of the promotional article are meticulously supervised by our experts to achieve the best result.

A Catalog of Over 1000 Products

We offer customizable gadgets of all kinds: eco-friendly, technological, practical, and with revolutionary design, carefully selected among many others for their high-quality characteristics.

Proud to Work for

Confindustria Emilia Romagna Bologna Ferrara Modena
BCC Emilbanca
Philip Morris
Tech Marine
Sielte SpA
Sunstar Italia Srl

Customized Gadgets: Choose from 8 Different Printing Techniques

Laser Engraving on Power Bank

Laser Engraving

Adhesive Label Printing

Adhesive Printing

Digital Printing on Notebook Cover

Digital Printing

Pad Printing on Pen

Pad Printing

Die-cut Printing on Notebook Cover


Transfer Printing on T-Shirt


Screen Printing on T-Shirt

Screen Printing

Custom Embroidery on T-Shirt