Self-assembled Publicity Totems for indoors and outdoors: practical and effective

The Publicity Totem: What is it

The Publicity Totem is a completely printable cardboard column, in digital four-color printing for small quantities and in offset printing for large quantities.

Thanks to its patented structure, it opens automatically and closes again with ease without the insertion or the assembly of a base or internal means of support. Plasticized printing may enhance it with brighter colors, either one-sided or two-sided and of different images.

The ease of self-assembly and folding applies to the most disparate forms and requirements, such as the options - last panel molding - Wings - Pop-up - Leaflet holder - Led.

Our Publicity Totems have both the standard forms as described in detail in our Totem catalogue, and the possibility of creating forms ad hoc for the client.
The range begins with the self-assembled mini lamà for countertops of open sizes of 18x40h cm. easily repositionable in a cover, to a floor range that can also reach 2.5 meters open.

Totem pubblicitari da esterno modello a vela
Totem ed Espositori pubblicitari

The Publicity Totem: its purpose

The Publicity Totems are attractive communications tools that are very useful in the sales points to communicate to the clients the characteristics of any product or service they wish to offer or invite to the purchase.

Thanks to the slim forms or those created in the image of the products themselves, the perfect high-definition printing, to the light-weight of the cardboard, make the Publicity Totem a profitable sales or presentation tool.
Very useful also at the time of trade shows or events, they furnish the spaces while communicating effectively, promoting the company brand or the services, in addition to being visible from a distance to potential clients.

The Publicity Totem: why purchase it

The fundamental reason for purchasing it is that the Lamà Publicity Totem does not require any tool or support for the assembly due to the patented internal structure, and the folding details in the cardboard allows it to be opened automatically and its height extended in a few seconds.
Once closed, it occupies a few centimeters and is replaced in a flexible cardboard holder that allows significant savings in delivery on addition to excellent advantages in warehouse stowage.

It has no glued parts and thus even displayed in the sun behind the shop display windows, it does not lose its structure in the least. Another important characteristic not to be underestimated is that anyone is able to assemble it without difficulty because in reality there is nothing to assemble.

Lamà Publicity Totem: 7 good reasons to choose it

  • ORIGINAL: more than 250 forms and different solutions.
  • INNOVATIVE: multiple and different options.
  • INTUITIVE: ease of management, assembly and disposal.
  • SAVINGS: reduced storage space, contained transport costs and of positioning.
  • VERSATILE: adaptability to any point of sale.
  • ECOLOGICAL: made with totally recyclable materials.
  • PATENTED: the only product covered by international patents to prevent infringement.


The varied range and the possible applications give the client the possibility for increased presence at the sales point, with window backgrounds, those for arrangement of large surfaces, tables for in-store operations, displays able to place materials and products of every form and weight at the sales point, to be able to respond broadly to the most varied requirements.

The promotional kits are also characterized by optimization of space, manageability, immediacy of positioning at the sales point, and promotion of the brand to attract the interest of the clients, helping them to interact with the product being promoted.
The Tables, the Kiosk, the Ring and everything that can accompany the product pallet at the sales point, immediately differentiate the brand, focusing the attention of the consumer.